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Voluntarily cast upon the waves of outrageous fortune, this lowly geek flops from peak to peak of the technological ocean. Linux, Windows, C, Ruby, Python and embedded systems all attempt to pull our stalwart hero down. Will he survive alone or will the lifeboat of corporate servitude be too tempting.

Twitter : Technology circa 1996 – Business Model circa 2001

Posted by Diarmuid on March 12, 2007

Honestly, it’s driving me insane.

Every where I look there are more and more twitterings about Twitter. How great it is, mobile web killer, IM for the masses. It’s tedious. Here is what it is. A website, a database, an SMS short code and ….. loads of cash. They receive texts and then send them for FREE to your mates. Now, I will guarantee you that a thousand engineers looked at developing something similar ( me included,I was using Derdack 10 years ago) back in the glory days, but even then I could not show how the thing would make money. You can buy bulk (100,000 + ) SMS from clickatell for 3 cents each. So if you have 100,000 people sending 5 texts per day to 5 friends that is a burn of 75,000 per DAY. Getting users to buy messages in bulk (skype, jajah) would work, but only 2 or 3 percent of users will do that .

So please , explain how this is anything other than a Web 1.0 giveaway? Maybe once it has achieved critical mass, it will start charging, but they would need to get the numbers up first. The server is grinding to a halt so maybe it is having problems scaling.



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