Design Build Test Repeat

Voluntarily cast upon the waves of outrageous fortune, this lowly geek flops from peak to peak of the technological ocean. Linux, Windows, C, Ruby, Python and embedded systems all attempt to pull our stalwart hero down. Will he survive alone or will the lifeboat of corporate servitude be too tempting.

Euro Symbol in HTML

Posted by Diarmuid on July 20, 2007

I have my laptop since I bought it in Australia. So there is no Euro Symbol. I get by in Word etc with auto-correct but HTML is more awkward. I don’t really want to change the keyboard style as I am used to it. Also Ewan used his little fingers to rip off half the buttons. I have since replaced the keyboard with UK one of ebay. So things are messed up.

In creating these blog entries in wordpress, I use € in “code” view. It looks fine and should work in most browsers.


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