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Voluntarily cast upon the waves of outrageous fortune, this lowly geek flops from peak to peak of the technological ocean. Linux, Windows, C, Ruby, Python and embedded systems all attempt to pull our stalwart hero down. Will he survive alone or will the lifeboat of corporate servitude be too tempting.

OpenId: Microsoft’s take on it

Posted by Diarmuid on January 31, 2008

I’ve being following the progress of OpenID with interest and I blogged about it before. I toyed with an alternative called ClosedID and even checked to see if was free. It was … but not anymore. Microsoft has it as of 12th January. It is registered to the domain but has info about the University of Washington’s Network Security Lab. Their home page spiel is little cryptic:

The identity is the most important property that man could have during and even after his life. We academically research the one identification method in closed environment.

“The one identification method”!!!!


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