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SMS over 3G and Bluetooth from Python

Posted by Diarmuid on June 26, 2008

I wrote a fairly well received blog post on using those nice 3G modems from Vodafone and O2 in Linux to send SMS. It was based on using the modems through minicom, but since minicom uses a straight serial connection it is possible to use the modems through code, in my case Python.

The following code shows how to send an SMS via a 3G USB modem.

import serial

def SendVia3G():

ser = serial.Serial(‘/dev/ttyUSB1’, 115200, timeout=1)
ser.write(‘SMS over 3G but from Python\n’)
line = ser.readline()   #read a ‘\n’ terminated line
print line

Obviously the  serial extensions for python have to be installed. I use apt.
apt-get install python-serial

You can also use some similiar code to send the SMS via a mobile phone that is connected via bluetooth

apt-get install python-serial python-bluetooth

import bluetooth
import serial

def SendViaBluetooth():
sockfd = bluetooth.BluetoothSocket(bluetooth.RFCOMM)
sockfd.connect((’00:12:D2:7A:XX:XX’, 1)) # BT Address
sockfd.send(‘AT+CMGS=”+353868276XXX”\r’) # TO PhoneNumber
sockfd.send(‘SMS over Bluetooth\n’)
sockfd.send(chr(26)) # CTRL+Z

You might need to mess around with python and bluetooth to make sure the channel is right for your phone (1 above in the connect line). 1 is for Nokias.

I’ve created a little class (although it’s a while since I wrote this and I may have got inspiration from somewhere as it looks too good to be my code!!!) that makes using the E220 a little easier in more complicated use cases.

import bluetooth
import serial

class HuaweiModem(object):
def __init__(self):

def open(self):
self.ser = serial.Serial(‘/dev/ttyUSB2’, 115200, timeout=1)

def close(self):

def SendSMS(self, address, message):
command = ‘AT+CMGS=”%s”\r’%address
command = ‘%s\n’%message

def GetAllSMS(self):

command = ‘AT+CMGL=”all”\r’
print self.SendCommand(command,getline=False)
self.ser.timeout = 2
data = self.ser.readline()
print data

while data !=”:
data = self.ser.readline()
if data.find(‘+cmgl’)>0:
print data

def SendCommand(self,command, getline=True):
data = ”
if getline:
data = self.ReadLine()
return data

def ReadLine(self):
data = self.ser.readline()
print data
return data

h = HuaweiModem()
h.SendSMS(‘+353868276XXX’,’A Nice message from’)

Happy texting!!! and check out Bluetooth Marketing Specialists.

Apologies for the formating but WordPress is deleting the leading spaces from the code above. Use this link to get a text file.


14 Responses to “SMS over 3G and Bluetooth from Python”

  1. Jonas said

    Hi, i realy like your program, but i wonder if you could do a program that show the huawei e220 signal strength and if possible in percent. i would realy apreciate that. 🙂

    Have a nice day!


  2. Ender said

    SMS works with an Orange’ Huawei E270 USB 3G modem on openSUSE 11

    Great work, thank you very much!

  3. yonson said

    i was wondering if it possible to receive sms using some kind of listener, i was working on a web application and i want it to receive SMS


  4. Myke said

    Hi, I’m new with python about 3 days old using the program. I was wondering how I can create an application that will detect all BT device within range and allow it to send a file(a command maybe) and for the system to send message to them. I was able to do the detect but having hard time sending and receiving. Does a code require a specific modem to work? or it can work using any BT device?

    If you have a guide or a working sample that would be very helpfull


  5. septianw said

    thanks for post this one.

    it would be help me to develop more.

    let me grab it.

  6. Excellent stuff, exactly what I was looking for.

    Please note that the blog software replaced all quotes and double-quotes with non-ascii characters, which python doesn’t like (and the indenting got messed up too). It would probably be helpful to provide a link to a plain-text version of it for proper download rather than copy/paste/reformatting by hand 😉

    Also the “if data.find(’+cmgl’)>0:” seems wrong, here it’s +CMGL in uppercase, and it’s at offset 0, and anyway the text of the SMS is on the following lines. So I recommend the following while loop instead:

    while data != ”:
    data = self.ser.readline()
    if data.find(‘+CMGL’)>=0:
    print string.rstrip(data)

    I was wondering about writing a GUI app to do this. But maybe it would be simpler to just improve the python script so that it sends an email for each SMS it sees in GetAllSMS, so that one can get his incoming SMS messages in his email client, no need to monitor yet another application.

  7. nml said

  8. Jonas said

    hi, anybody knows how to do arbitrary calls? i got a prepaid UMTS stick (huawei e1550), and in order to load vouchers you have to call *103*SPECIALNUMBER#. doing so via ATD*… will fail (NO CARRIER). have not tried to do it in my cellphone so far, but afaik it would also do an ATD?.
    it seems that only ATD*98# and ATD*99# are possbile. then i get CONNECT as reply. (i even would get an ip etc., though i will be redirected to a page telling me that i have to pay first 😉 )

    ok. to put it short: are there different ways of calling? any hint, why ATD*103*…# won’t work? or maybe, anybody knows how to check how “mobile partner” software acomplishes this?

  9. devender said

    thanks Diarmuid,

    i was looking for a labview application, found your post very helpful. regards. DN.

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