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Voluntarily cast upon the waves of outrageous fortune, this lowly geek flops from peak to peak of the technological ocean. Linux, Windows, C, Ruby, Python and embedded systems all attempt to pull our stalwart hero down. Will he survive alone or will the lifeboat of corporate servitude be too tempting.

Be anonymous no more

Posted by Diarmuid on February 10, 2009

Twitter is the most important tool in the universe.

Without it how would we know that a plane was in the Hudson before the people in the plane knew? How would we know that the Mars rovers actually were sentient (I twitter therefore I am not a robot)? How would we know that Stephen Fry is a fancy dressing pugilist with a penchant for sculpting dead bodies while making bad music? Twitter that’s how.

But who are these 12,345 close friends that sit on every choice morsel of cranial excreta that oozes from your finder tips. Sure, twitter shows a few pictures, but how can one appreciate the wholeness of the twitteverse in a 6×6 matrix? A 10×10 matrix should do it. And that is what my good friend Walter Higgins has done with Twitter Mosaic from his company, Sxoop Technologies.

Never again will you be have to walk in public, worried that you, a rare and delicate example of the heaving mass of humanity, are anonymous. No, now you will be able to shout (manically but silently) with passion to the unbelievers that I, @(add twitter name here) am an early adopter, a fully fledged, paid up member of the technoarti and the you, dull drones, are doomed to never know what it feels to be part of  The Collective.

Ah go on. Buy a T.


One Response to “Be anonymous no more”

  1. sxoop said

    er … thanks 😉

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