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AIB Phishing attempt or just stupid use of email

Posted by Diarmuid on June 9, 2009

I just got an email from what purports to be Allied Irish Banks p.l.c. , <> , with a reply address of with a subject of “Internet Banking Update” .

AIB Email

AIB Email

There is indeed a new look website that has been up for a few weeks, but asking to download a form and follow instructions raised alarm bells.

The attached form is an HTML page containing loads of image and script links back to the AIB wensite, but teh critical line is the form submit which points at

The Geo IP report on teh ip address suggests it is a Madrid based computer.

Geo IP Report

Geo IP Report

The actual HTML form looks like this

AIB Phishing form

AIB Phishing form

If you put in rubbish values, the javascript throws a series of errors and the form also expects that all the security codes are filled in. This is of course because AIB requires the use of a 1 time only card for funds transfers.

All in all a pretty basic attempt a social engineering, but all the same it would probably get quite a few people.


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