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Using Amazon AWS to serve up Openstreetmap data

Posted by Diarmuid on December 9, 2007

Openstreetmap is a FOSS project that allows anyone to help with creating a fully open source street map of the world. Users upload GPS data to a central server where they or others can annotate and create street-maps . The resulting street-maps are as good as Goggle maps, Yahoo or Microsoft. The coverage is great in the dense urban centers and not so good in the country side. As part of this project they have created some great tools and leveraged some others.

But you ask, why bother when Google and co. are so generous with their data? Well, nothing is free and while Google can afford to let you use this data at home for nothing, they do restrict use of the data for commercial applications. They specifically do not allow system that connects a GPS to their map. Yahoo and AFAICT, Microsoft are the same.

OSM on the other hand, allow you to do pretty much anything you want with their data. They provide a great interface using OpenLayers, that gives the now commonplace, ajax “slippy map”. They use a great map renderer call Mapnik that actually creates the little images that make up the web map. While their images can be used freely, even in commercial applications, They are served from some hardware that is under allot of strain, and they encourage use of caches on your local servers.

I am developing a GPS tracking system for cars, trucks and boats and I want to do this as cheaply as possible. While I could use Google, et al, I don’t want to get into licensing, etc. So I am going to run my own OSM servers and I am going to do it on Amazon AWS.

Technical Details follow!! You’ve been warned.

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