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Amazon Web Services – SimpleDB will be huge

Posted by Diarmuid on December 14, 2007

Amazon have announced a database product in their Web services offering, calling it (in another Ronseal moment) “SimpleDB”. It provides spreadsheet lookup type access to data.

Amazon SimpleDB

It looks like a great complement to the 3 other big systems.

EC2 for virtual computers, S3 for storage and SQS for message queue. Up etill now, the only way to store volatile data was in S3 as files, but lookup was limited to searching by name. I use it for storing content generated by users, so I can search by bucket_name/username/datetime/extension/ and then I can get the list of filenames. That’s fine for data that is structured just so and you only want to search for it via that particular search sequence. It would be impossible, for instance to search for all data created on a particular day. SimpleDB changes that. Now I can search by type, date, name, username, etc as I wish.

The task now is to remove all Mysql requirments. Oh and thanks to the AWS team for inviting me to be on Beta. They called me one of their “most active developers”


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